Thursday, September 2, 2010

We Must Protect Ground Zero at All Costs!!!!

Ground Zero is under siege, that much is evident.  Unholy people are trying to take over the neighborhood, previously pristine, and taint it with their filth. Did you know that right now, at this very moment, it is possible for a man with the flu to walk right up to Ground Zero and spit on the ground. The very area could become contaminated indefinitely.

But this is America and there is always a way. We will protect this hallowed spot for our children and our grandchildren at any cost, won't we? If so, then there is really only one feasible solution and I have it for you. That is right, you heard it hear first. Others WILL co-opt my idea, but just remember that BiFocalPoint saved Ground Zero, and the nation that loves it, from terrorists, fanatics, abortionists and salmonella. My solution even solves that disgusting point of Mayor Michael Bloomberg that the area is not sacrosanct; it is currently surrounded by bars and shops selling pornographic materials. In America!!!!!!

Well, not for long. Soon enough, anyone who wants to visit Ground Zero will do so with the help of the Coast Guard or with a swim suit and snorkel.

If we could pick up Ground Zero and move it someplace safe, of course we would. Someplace flat where we could keep an eye on it from every direction. Preferably somewhere in the Main Land, where it could be observed and protected by good, hard-working Americans. And not by, ugh, New Yorkers. But that is ridiculous. Obviously. It would almost certainly be damaged in the move.

My next thought involved a Plexiglas bubble and a lot of duct tape, but I would not want to make it impossible for good, strong-valued Americans to ever again be able to enter this sacred area. No, that would be punishing us all for the crimes of some. That could never work.

I considered watch towers and armed guards, but then you would presumably need bathrooms right there at the site. At GROUND ZERO!!!!!! Unthinkable.

Where does that leave us? We cannot move it, we cannot enclose it with plastic or men. There is but one obvious solution. The time has come, once and for all, to build a moat around Ground Zero. It is really the only acceptable way to keep this spot, which saw so many Americans fall in the name of honor and pride, forever pristine and virgin from the slime and the filth of that disgusting city within which it happens to stand. No, New York is simply not good enough for Ground Zero.

We will build a moat, and much as its neighbor the UN, it will be a sovereign entity. When we go to the polls every two years, we will vote, as a nation, on its upkeepers. Any one who wants to visit will plead their case to the public and referendum will decide for whom the single drawbridge descends. Those in Washington will have no power on this sacred place, it will be unsullied by their unscrupulous ways.

The time has come to protect Ground Zero from the world. The moat must be built. Grab your shovels, your axes and your children and get to work America! Before New York allows it be just another nameless construction site, burdened motionless with red tape and bureaucratic incompetence and surrounded by encroaching filth on all sides.

Ground Zero belongs to us. Let us dig deep and let us dig wide so that no one can ever take that away from us. The time has come. Ground Zero, we are coming to save you.


  1. What are you going to do about the Shanksville 'Crescent of Betrayal'?

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  3. You are retarded. Why don't you enclose yourself in a plexiglass bubble instead. Please neglect the air holes.

  4. Is this a serious report a Plexiglas bubble really. I assume u are referring to the building of a mosque and any future controversy. Well let me say that yes we should have a memorial but we can close off the area there must be progress and progress takes room. If Germany had declared all the bomb-sites unbuildable areas after WW2 they would be in utter poverty today.

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  6. What are you all on about? So you think ALL muslims are out after the west? You think that moving Ground Zero will protect it from your crazed imagination? 'Ground Zero' means the point of impact of a disaster so you can't move it. Anyway, why are you so insane to think this? How can you be so disrespectful to the dead as well? I may be British, but I have an American uncle and to me, 9/11 is a date to be respectful for all the dead, not am event to go on about Islamic Extremism trying to infiltrate out public toilets! You are all a disgrace to America, those who died and their families, those who died trying to save others and to the Human Race as a whole. This site should be removed and banned. You also need help mentally if you are this derranged. God Bless the innocent who died, the heroes who died, the brave service men who died and may they REST IN PEACE.