Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bill O'Reilly Doesn't Think One's Words Should Be Used Aganist Them. Not Even His Own.

Bill O'Reilly has now claimed that he too has video clips of Christine O'Donnell saying some "crazy stuff." He is choosing not to air it, for now. 

He claims that it is not relevant, but that if it should become so, he will roll it out. Which I think is completely acceptable. What I do not understand are the next couple of comments that he made in regards to the Delaware Senatorial race.

Bill O'Reilly, a professional journalist with a serious (read: high rated) television show, casually claimed in referring to the Delaware Senatorial race, that he would take the "Witch" over the "Marxist." Now I for one do not understand how it is that a "journalist" is aloud to so blatantly to vie for a political candidate and still be taken seriously as a journalist. Such nonsense would never happen over at CNN.

More importantly, Bill O'Reilly said that he faulted Democrats in the story for using Christine O'Donnell's words against her. Now of course this is insane on so many levels. If this woman had a massive resume to sift through, and all we were focusing on was some decade old quote she made on what was essentially a comedy show, then fine, I do not disagree. But we are talking about a woman who is basically a clean slate to the American people. She has been on TV many times, but she was far from a household name until her upset in Delaware last week.

How else can we judge her than with her words (and the actions that are coming out left and right about her campaign finance scandal)? And by judge, I do not mean look down upon, belittle or mock.By judge I mean understand the woman she is so that we can understand the Senator that she would be. 

Now when I first read this quote for Bill O'Reilly, I thought that I would do a quick youtube or google search and find some great moment of O'Reilly hypocrisy wherein he was using some poor saps words against him. Lord knows he does so nightly. But I didn't even have to go that far.

Bill O'Reilly referred to Chris Coons, the Democratic candidate in Delaware, as a Marxist. I was curious where that notion had come from, or if that was just his code word for Democrat. Well guess what: Chris Coons referred to himself in a student newspaper as a "bearded Marxist." 

Now Coons claims that this comment was taken out of context and he was actually speaking tongue-in-cheek about how his old Republican friends looked at him once he switched political parties. Regardless of the context, does it matter? Moments after saying that one's words should not be used against them, Bill O'Reilly used Chris Coons words against him. Maybe it is because Coons printed his words and O'Donnell said hers on television. Maybe it is because a Witch in the political process is less scary to O'Reilly than a liberal. Regardless of the reason, it is some more good old fashioned hypocrisy from the Fox News Dream Team.

But in all fairness to Bill O'Reilly, he really deserves our respect. He truly put his money where his mouth was. He did not just talk, he also walked. Bill O'Reilly, in calling Coons a Marxist, proved that he does not even hold his own words against himself. He is not a hypocrite. Every word out of everybody's mouth is in-one-ear and out-the-other, including his own. So there is no cognitive dissonance involved in ignoring himself; to be true to his word, he really had no other choice.

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