Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Juan Williams Does Not Trust the TSA.

Juan Williams, a Fox News analyst, recently came out in support of Bill O'Reilly's  appearance on "The View" by asserting that he gets nervous when he sees Muslims on a plane. I guess that means that he is okay with them on a bus or in a shopping mall, but not in the skies.

First question, is his problems with Muslims or with the TSA. What difference does it make who is on the plane if they got through security checks, right? I guess that Juan Williams does not trust the Transportation Security Administration.

More importantly, does Juan Williams not know, or simply not accept, that he is an African-American man living in America. Does he not know that there are plenty of people in this country (unfortunately) who get nervous when they see a black man walking down the street?

This is a fact-of-life and it is possible that nothing will change that. But to not understand that hatred and bigotry overlap, regardless of whether it is about "you" and "yours" or someone else is just near-sighted.

Juan, it is time to pull out the bifocals and see the world as it really is, connected. Hatred of one promotes hatred of anyone else.

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