Sunday, October 24, 2010

A GOP Lover's Quarrel? Karl Rove Being Taken Out of Context?

Apparently Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh, good friends according to one, but not necessarily according to the other, are fighting. 

Karl Rove keeps on forgetting that the Tea Party is amazing and that he actually loves it. Despite many comments to the contrary. His good friend Rush just helped him remember how important the Tea Party actually is for America.

So Rush Limbaugh, Karl Rove and America thank you for all the work that you do. Keep on keeping us honest.

But just for context, here is a partial list of comments that Karl Rove has made over the last few weeks disparaging the Tea Party (and Christine O'Donnell), er... I mean, being taken out of context disparaging the Tea Party (and Christine O'Donnell). In no particular order:

"If you look underneath the surface of the Tea Party movement, on the other hand, you will find that it is not sophisticated. It's not like these people have read the economist Friedrich August von Hayek."

"It's a little unsophisticated at times, a little insistent, a little demanding."

"Derided by elitists as phony, the tea-party movement is spontaneous, decentralized, frequently amateurish and sometimes shrill."

Speaking about Christine "O'Donnell: 
"I think she's right on the issues but I think the voters of Delaware are not going to want to know just if you're right on the issues but if you have the character and record and background that gives me that you're the right person for the job."

Still on Christine O'Donnell:
Look, everybody in their life sometimes has difficulties and honesty and candor is going to be the best remedy. She can’t get away with simply saying my answer is on my website or it’s puzzling to me why the IRS would file a lien for me when I didn’t pay my tax necessary 2005.

Yep, still on O'Donnell (did these two date?):
It does conservatives little good to support candidates who, at the end of the day, while they may be conservative in their public statements, do not evince the characteristics of rectitude and truthfulness and sincerity and character that the voters are looking for.

Do you have any that I missed? Post them here.

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